Wholesale Concentrate Glass Pipes

Concentrates have come to dominate the legal cannabis market. Here in Denver Colorado concentrates are everywhere. Whether you go to a medical marijuana dispensary, or a recreational marijuana store, you will be inundated with concentrate choices. Being located in Denver Colorado allows Aux Ark Trading to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to wholesale concentrate pipes. Styles, as well as terminology of wholesale concentrate glass pipes are continually changing. Whether you are looking for wholesale oil rigs, wholesale concentrate pipes, wholesale dab rigs, Vapor Rigs, titanium nails, titanium dabbers, oil domes, quartz nails, glass nails, or silicone jars Aux Ark Trading has you covered. AuxArkTrading.com sources all of it's wholesale concentrate pipes, wholesale oil rigs, and wholesale dab rigs direct from the manufacturer. With no middle man involved in the supply chain it allows Aux Ark Trading to keep our price on wholesale concentrate pipes low. Aux Ark trading carries a large selections of wholesale concentrate pipes, maintains direct supply from the manufacturers, stays in touch with the industry by being located in Denver Colorado, and has the man power to supply even the largest wholesale concentrate rig order. For these reasons thousands of marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana stores, smoke shops, novelty stores, and other retail outlets choose auxarktrading.com as their go to concentrate pipes wholesale supplier.

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10 Arm Sideways Tree Perc & Showerhead Rig
13" Tall 4.5" Diameter Base Showerhead Percolator Sideways 10 Arm Tree..

10" Honeycomb Perc Recycler Rig
10" Tall 3" Diameter Base Honeycomb Percolator Recycler Design ..

10" Sandblasted Wholesale Pyrex Oil Rig
10" Tall Tapered Mouth Piece 2.60" Diameter Base Sandblasted Honeycomb Finish Diffused Do..

11" Showerhead Recycler Oil Rig
11" Tall 3.5" Diameter Base Shower Head Percolator Built In Donwstem ..

14" Barrel Perc & Side Barrel Perc Rig
14" Tall 4.50" Diameter Base Barrel Percolator Sideways Barrel Perc ..

16" Honeycomb & 14 Arm Tree Perc Oil Rig
16" Tall 1.5" Diameter Mouth Piece 4" diameter Base Honeycomb Percolator 14 Arm Tree Perc..

5" Clear Apple Concentrate Rig
5" Tall 1.75" Diameter Base Diffused Built In Downstem Sidecar Mouth P..

5" Snowman Wholesale Dab Rig
5" Tall 3/8" Tapered Mouth Piece 1.5" diameter Base Snowman Design Bent Neck Design Bui..

6" Ameircan Made Wholesale Dab Straw
6" Long Made From Pyrex Glass Made In America Roll Stop ..

6" Tea Pot Style Oil Rig With Wig Wag Bottom
6" Tall 1" Diameter Mouth Piece 3" diameter Base Tea Pot Design Clear Pyrex Glass Color..

6" White With Swirled Cane Banger Hanger Wholesale Oil Rig
6" Tall 1.50"Tapered Mouth Piece 2.50" diameter Base White Pyrex Glass Swirled Cane Desig..

7" Inline Perc Wig Wag Oil Rig
7" Tall 4" Diameter Base Tight Wig Wag Design Inline Perc Bent Neck Design Built In Dow..

7" Raked Wholesale Recycler Oil rig
7" Tall 2.50" Diameter Base Recycler Design Bent Neck Design B..

8" Showerhead Perc Wholesale Dab Rig
8" Tall 2.75" Diameter Base Showerhead Percolator Bent Neck Design ..

8" Sidecar Color Shower Perc Wholesale Dab Rig w/banger
8" Tall 1.20" Flared Mouth Piece 3.75" diameter Base Clear Pyrex Glass Color Showerhead&n..

9" Sandblasted Hollow Bottom Inline Perc Wholesale Oil Rig
9" Tall 1.25" Flared Mouth Piece 2.75" Diameter Base Hollow Bottom Design Sandblasted Fin..

Beaker Barrel Perc With Quartz Banger
10" Tall 1.25" Diameter Mouth Piece 3.25" diameter Base barrel Percolator Beaker Style ba..

Millie Weave Banger Hanger Dab Rig
8" Tall 3" Diameter Base Millie Weave Design Bent Neck Design ..