Wholesale Pyrex Water Pipes

Wholesale Pyrex Glass water pipes, and wholesale pyrex bongs are a great choice for your customers that want to filter their smoke. Using a pyrex water pipe will make the smoking experience much smoother. Whether your customers are smoking dry herbs, flowers, cannabis, marijuana, or weed using a wholesale pyrex bong from Aux Ark Trading will ensure a smooth smoking experience. By purchasing glass water pipes, and bongs from Aux Ark Trading you insure your customers will end up with a high quality unique smoking pipe. We carry many different styles of wholesale pyrex glass water pipes. Whether your customers are looking for percolators, percs, honeycombs disc perc, ice catchers, oil rigs, glass on glass, or inline percolators, rest assured that Aux Ark Trading can supply you with the quality glass water pipes that your customers are in search of.

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12" Barrel Perc Wholesale Water Pipe
12" Tall 2.25" Diameter Mouth Piece 4.50" Diameter Base Beaker shape Barrle Percolator ..

12" Egg Perc Water Pipe
12" Tall .50" Tapered Mouth Piece 4" diameter Base Egg Percolator ..

14" Double Mushroom Perc Pyrex Wholesale Bong
14" Tall 1.80" Flared Mouth Piece 5" diameter Base Double Mushroom Per..

Beaker Base Wig Wag Water Pipe
10" Tall 1.35" Diameter Mouth Piece 3.5" diameter Base Beaker Base Wig Wag Design Hand ..

Pyramid Shaped Pyrex Water Pipe
12" Tall 1.50" Diameter Mouth Piece 3.50" Diameter Base Pyramid Shape 14mm Male Bowl 14..

Slyme Green Worm Hole Bong
10" Tall 1.5" Diameter Mouth Piece 3" diameter Base Worm Hole Design Slyme Green Glass ..

Straight Tube Inline Perc Ice Catcher Bong
8" Tall 2.25" Diameter Mouth Piece 3.75" Diameter Base Straight Tube Shape Inline Percola..

Triple Barrel Perc Bong
19" Tall 2.25" Diameter Mouth Piece 4.25" diameter Base 3 Barrel Percolators 14mm Male Bo..

Water Melon Water Pipe
7" Tall 1.25" Diameter Mouth Piece 3" diameter Base Banger Hanger Design Watermelon Color..

Wig Wag Water Pipe With Hand Made Joint
9" Tall .50" Tapered Mouth Piece 3" Diameter Base Wig Wag Pattern ..