Wholesale Concentrate Pipe Accessories

Wholesale dab rig, oil rig, & concentrate pipe accessories are a great way to boost your marijauna dispensary, or recreational cannabis store's bottom line. Once a customer buys a wholesale oil rig, or dab rig most will want to upgrade the standard glass nail and dome that comes with most rigs. With so many choices of wholesale concentrate pipe accessories your headshop is sure to benefit from selling domeless titanium nails, quartz bangers, silicone jars, glass domes, dabbers, dab tools, silicone mats, and ceramic carb carps. With the popularity of dabbing growing at such a huge rate your retail store will only benefit from adding wholesale dab rig, oil rig, and concentrate accessories.

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7 ml Silicone Jar
7ml Storage Varied Colors Non-Stick Silicone Great For Storing All Con..

7 N 1 Silicone Wax Jar- Assorted Colors
7 n 1 Silcone Wax Jar for Dabs! Stackable and a place for your different waxes for everyday of the w..

Ceramic Carb Cap Round
Ceramic Carb Cap for over your domeless nails!  Onion STyle. ..

Ceramic Dabber
Ceramic Dabber ..

Color Glass Bubble Carb Cap
2" Long .75" Diameter Carb Cap Pyrex Glass Bubble Carb Cap Style ..

Domeless Ceramic Nail Female 14-18
Domeless Ceramic Nail Female fits both 14mm and 19mm.  This is to use on rigs. ..

Domeless Ceramic Nail Male 14-18
Domeless Ceramic Nail Male fits both 14mm and 18mm.  This is to convert water pipes. ..

Pyrex Glass Nail
Pyrex Glass Choose Between 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm For Use With A Dome ..

Quartz Carb Cap Wholesale
2.5" Long 1" Diameter Quartz Dabber Tip   ..

Silicone Tipped Dabber
Silicone Tipped Dabber ..

Thumb Print Carb Cap And Dabber
5" Long 1.1" Diameter Carb Cap Pyrex Glass Made In America Dab..

Titanium Dabber
Titanium Dabber ..