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Wholesale Hippie Bags Purses and Backpacks

Aux Ark Trading carries wholesale hippie bags and purses that are hand made and will be a compliment to most any gift shops inventory. Our selection of wholesale hippie bags includes many different styles of hand made, hand stitched ,custom bags that will that will match most any outfit your customer may desire to wear.

No need to travel to Nepal or India to purchase your bags, we have done the work for you, and have selected top selling styles of wholesale hippie purses that you can now resale in your clothing or retail store.

The styles and colors of our wholesale hippie purses vary from season to season, but the look always has that boho vibe. We carry tons of patch work style bags and purses, as well as razor cut design backpacks and laptop bags.

All of these designs sell extremely well at festivals and concerts through the US and North America. Even central and South America are now catching onto the hippie bags and purses we sell. If your store is in a college town these purses are must to add extra value to your inventory and please your customer base.

When traveling through the US you will see this style of purse in many small tourist towns as the boho and hippie style is widely popular with many travelers. No matter your stores demographic, young, or old, our selection of wholesale hippie bags, purses, and backpacks will be a welcome addition to your store.

One Love Strap Pocket with Peace SymbolFringeRazor Cut StyleStone Washed Zipper and Button..

One Love Razor Cut Hippie Style Bod..

PatchworkPeace, Om, Spiral Designs Strap PocketRazor Cut StyleStone Washed Zipper and Butt..

Peace, Om, Spiral Patchwork and Raz..

Flower Power Back Pack StrapsRazor Cut StyleStone Washed Pull Tight and Button ClosureLarg..

Razor Cut Hippie Style Backpack

Razor CutRope Handle and Adjustable StrapRazor Cut StyleStone Washed Double Zipper ClosureLarge..

Wholesale Hippie Style Laptop/Messe..