Cannabis For Creativity & Productivity
   Although marijuana users have been stereotypically labeled lazy, unmotivated, and lacking any kind of productivity, the diversity of products in the legal cannabis industry have unveiled a plethora of unexpected benefits. While indica strains can certainly deliver a “stoned” effect creating relaxation, sedation, and pain relief, some sativa and sativa-hybrid strains can do just the opposite increasing alertness, creativity, and even boosting productivity. What’s in a strain name?    Just as you might walk into a winery and buy a bottle of Arrogant Frog Merlot or a ..
Curing The Healthcare Crisis With Cannabis
   While the entire country is fixated on the healthcare debate happening in Washington, the cannabis industry is sitting in the backrow yelling “Pick me! Pick me!” While the main topic of conversation in legal cannabis always seems to revolve around tax revenue, the economic impact of cannabis in the healthcare sector is frequently overlooked and underreported.      Cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, analgesic, sedative, anxiolytic and more. Cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD along with many others, work together to relieve symptoms and restor..
CBD For Dogs
Cannabis for Canines   Every mammal on the planet has an endocannabinoid system designed for processing cannabinoids. This system helps manage pain, appetite, mood, inflammation, and memory. Although clinical tests have just begun, plenty of pet owners and veterinarians are providing anecdotal evidence that cannabis may be able to help our lovable, furry friends, as well.   Just as we start to learn the wide range of benefits cannabis offers humans for treating various ailments like arthritis, epilepsy, and chronic pain and inflammation, concerned dog owners are wondering if CB..
Will Legal Marijuana Get Trumped?
 The status of legal marijuana in any state has been on high alert since Donald Trump was voted into office. The king of flip-flop, has not yet been able to give a straight-forward response in regard to legal cannabis rights or the booming industry. However, the Trump administration keeps taking baby-steps for what appears to be bad news for everyone in the legal cannabis industry and corresponding ancillary businesses. A few of Trump’s Campaign Quotes    In July of 2016 Trump said during a television interview with NBC reporter, Brandon Rittiman: "I wouldn’t do that [mean..
DEA Go Away & Leave My CBD Alone
Medical Marijuana: Hanging by a Thread    In a recent article published by The Cannabist, the DEA provided an alarming statement to journalist, Alicia Wallace, reconfirming the illegal stance of all marijuana extracts, including the non-psychoactive, highly medicinal CBD oil, which has saved millions of lives. The statement goes on to seemingly implicate a crackdown in the world of medicinal CBD oils and medical marijuana could be coming in the near future. DEA Statement on CBD, Hemp and “Farm Bill”   The entire statement can be read in its entirety in the article, but ..
Borosilicate Glass & It's Benefits In Glass Pipes
For most cannabis smokers, their pipes and bongs are not only an important piece of equipment, they are cherished like artwork in some cases. Smokers value their pipes, some even become collectors spending thousands on individual pieces. Pipes and bongs come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. Smoking devices can be made from any number of materials including glass, plastic, ceramic, metals, and even wood, with each material having certain benefits and detriments. Walk into any glass shop or head shop and the selection can be overwhelming. Designs range from very simple..
Alzheimer's Promising Future in Cannabis
Alzheimer’s Promising Future in Cannabis      Although Alzheimer’s is not a new disease, an increasing prevalence of the disease coupled with the increasing population of aging Americans raises a significant concern. Already the Alzheimer’s Association estimates ten percent of Americans age 65 and older suffer from the disease.1 As of 2017, every 66 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the at-risk population is growing rapidly. With 5.5 million American’s already diagnosed, it is estimated by 2050, the population of American’s living with Alzheimer’s..
Dabtionary: Dabbing Terminology and Dictionary
Dabtionary 710: Most know the correlation between smoking weed and 4:20; the history is infamous. However, few know that 710 is to concentrate smokers what 420 is to flower smokers. Why 710? Flip it upside down and it reads “OIL”. Adapter: a small glass piece that you place on dab rigs so you can connect different sized accessories on the same rig. BHO: Butane Hash Oil, this concentrate is made by blasting cannabis with butane and then purging out the butane. The oil left behind is a cannabis concentrate that can be shatter, wax, or other various types of cannabis oil...
Good Health and Cannabis: How Much Science Will It Take?
     In 1974, a group of scientists published an article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, showing a combination of cannabinoids, particularly THC and CBN were effective in reducing the size of cancer tumors when used together. In addition, this cannabinoid supplementation, when used against leukemia, appeared to work better than the traditional antibiotic treatments. Unfortunately, in the era of “reefer madness,” rather than researching the potential of cannabis further, the United States declared war on it.      Just a few days ago, resea..
Drugged Driving and Marijuana Tolerance
Defining Drugged Driving   Imagine this fictional scenario… You’re driving into work at 7:00 in the morning. You’re a little drowsy, you had a late night, and you took your prescribed Ambien an hour later than normal. As you’re changing the radio station, looking for something a little more upbeat to fight off the morning grogginess, you absent-mindedly drift onto the shoulder briefly. Suddenly, you see the lights flash in your rearview mirror; you’re being pulled over. You quickly come to a stop thinking to yourself, “Was I speeding?” However, after the officer approaches your w..
Football & Cannabis: A Winning Combination
  Approximately 16.5 million people watched professional football games last year and football has been the favorite sport of Americans for over three decades now. We love our modern-day gladiators fighting for glory in the arena no differently than the ancient Romans did. We buy their jerseys and we wait for hours for their autographs. We admire their strength, their speed, and their stamina. Much like the first gladiators, these men are the toughest, strongest of our human species, so we revel in their talent by sending them into the ring, and paying them a king’s salary. Roman gladiato..
Big Pharma Vs. Cannabis
Big Pharma vs. Cannabis – a war of life and death   Although cannabis legalization is trudging forward, it has been an uphill battle from the beginning and the climb is getting tougher as we go. Despite the fact that the majority of American’s believe that cannabis should be legalized, some industries, like the pharmaceutical industry, are starting to see legal cannabis as a threat and continue to campaign against advancing the legal cannabis market. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry contributed over $25 million to politicians during the 2016 campaign alone. Why is big pharma so ..
Is Jeff Sessions Renewing The Drug War?
Is Sessions Renewing the War? When Jeff Sessions was sworn into office as Trump’s Attorney General, you could practically hear the eye-rolls and sighs thunder across the 29 states that have legalized marijuana. Sessions didn’t take long to prove that the reaction was justified when he stated in a press conference, “Good people don’t use marijuana,” sparking outrage in 57% Americans who disagree. To which he later responded during a press conference in Arizona, “When they nominated me for attorney general, you would have thought the biggest issue in America was when I said, ‘I don’t think Am..
Difference Between Indica, Sativa & Hybrid Marijuana
When did weed become so complex?   Ask any tourist about their first trip to a dispensary and they’ll likely tell you how overwhelmed they were by the variety of marijuana strains on display. In states without legal cannabis, consumers are at the mercy of their dealer, and most times have no idea what they are buying. So, walking into a retail establishment and choosing between dozens of strains can be a daunting task for many who are new to the wonders of the legal industry.   Understanding the Cannabis Spectrum   To truly understand the wide-variety of cannab..
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