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Psychedelic Mushrooms Are Decriminalized in Denver. Does that mean shrooms are now legal?

Psychedelic Mushrooms Are Decriminalized in Denver. Does that mean shrooms are now legal?

Denver is now the the first city in the US to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. The problem is that the news spread far and wide, and by the time it got to the average Joe on the street there was a lot of confusion about what that really meant.

First and foremost, mushrooms are NOT legal in Denver. Being decriminalized means that it is a low priority for Denver police, and that Denver police funds won't be used for the arrest and prosecution of psychedelic mushrooms for personal use by persons 21 years or older.

But I thought they were legal?

Not at all. They are decriminalized for people 21 or older for the possession, use, and cultivation of personal amounts. So what constitutes a personal amount? There is currently not an answer to that. Erring on the side of caution with possession amounts would be the safest thing to do.

So what's changed in Denver if psilocybin mushrooms aren't actually legal? A lot actually. Firstly adults 21 and older are no longer getting arrested for small amounts of mushrooms. Secondly, and maybe most importantly is now psychiatrist and therapist feel comfortable treating patients while under the influence of mushrooms.

Therapy sessions under the influence of mushrooms have shown great potential to treat things like PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and to learn to cope with the trauma of severe abuse. With the slight shift in legal status of mushrooms in Denver, now we can learn more, faster, about how great of a tool psychedelic shrooms can be in the psychiatrists tool box.

Through guided sessions while under the influence patients can talk about things that they normally wouldn't feel comfortable discussing. They may be able to delve deeper into issues that were to severe to even think about before. Even a single guided therapy session has been shown to produce a positive mental outcome on most patients.

Since tripping isn't for everyone, microdosing is a great way for the average person to get the benefits of mushrooms without the trippy experience. There has been a surge in the use of mushrooms for microdosing since Denver has decriminalized mushrooms. When you remove the threat of jail time it's amazing how fast things can change.

With the decriminalization of schrooms in Denver you are now seeing other Cities following suite. Oakland, and Chicago were some of the recent ones on the list. If you look to the medical cannabis industry decades ago you will see the same pattern repeating it's self when it comes to the medical use of mushrooms. Now that the flood gates have opened it will be difficult to hold back the tide.

Even though mushrooms aren't legal yet, the first steps have been taken to permanently change the legal status and use of psychedelic mushrooms for medial use. Ironically with marijuana going mainstream it gave activists the freedom to pursue other legalization efforts.

It's way to early to know how things will ultimately end up, but if history has taught us anything, in a few short years you may very well be able to go into a dispensary and purchase mushrooms for medical use.  

Posted by Bob Smith