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Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In Michigan
Starting today December 1st 2019 the people of Michigan will be able to purchase recreational marijuana. It has a taken a year since voters approved recreational marijuana for the program to be implemented, but the time has finally come. There are currently only 6 licensed stores that can legally sale recreational marijuana in the State of Michigan, and most of those are in Ann Arbor. Thirty-plus other locations have pending retail applications awaiting response from the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency. 3 of the stores that are ready to sell recreational marijuana are in Ann Arbor,..
The CDC Finds Vitamin E Acetate In Vapes Is The Cause For Lung Issues
The CDC has officially announced it's findings into the cause of vape related lung illnesses in the US. Their findings show that Vitamin E acetate is the culprit. Vitamin E acetate is used as an additive, most notably as a thickening agent in THC-containing e-cigarette, or vaping, products. Vitamin E is a vitamin found in many foods, including vegetable oils, cereals, meat, fruits, and vegetables. It is also available as a dietary supplement and in many cosmetic products, like skin creams. Vitamin E acetate usually does not cause harm when ingested as a vitamin supplement or applied t..
Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup 2019
The High Times Cannabis Cup is coming back to Colorado after being on hiatus for a few years. For their new incarnation of the Cup in Colorado they are doing a 1 day show. Typical cannabis cups span the entire weekend, but with the advanced age of the Colorado market it seems a good idea for a 1 day show. In past years the High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado was fraught with issues. From the State telling them no cannabis was allowed on site, to them not wanting to return booth and ticket fees paid, The Cup had a pretty bad name with Coloradoan..
Psychedelic Mushrooms Are Decriminalized in Denver. Does that mean shrooms are now legal?
Denver is now the the first city in the US to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. The problem is that the news spread far and wide, and by the time it got to the average Joe on the street there was a lot of confusion about what that really meant. First and foremost, mushrooms are NOT legal in Denver. Being decriminalized means that it is a low priority for Denver police, and that Denver police funds won't be used for the arrest and prosecution of psychedelic mushrooms for personal use by persons 21 years or older. But I thought they were legal? ..
VAPI and the Vaping Fiasco Explained
Vaping has been in the headlines as of late due to concerns regarding the safety of vaping products. However, given the widespread coverage of this issue as well as the uninformed nature of many who are spreading and or vaping-related information, many misconceptions have begun to arise. Throughout this post I’ll be explaining the illness that many are associating with vape usage as well as letting you know how you may avoid experiencing such complications.VAPI in a NutshellVaping-associated pulmonary injury, or VAPI, is the official term for the respiratory illness tha..
Oregon & Washington State Temporarily Ban Flavored Vape Products
On October 9th Washington state regulators voted to impose a temporary halt on the sale of flavored tobacco and marijuana vaporizer products. This makes it the second State to limit vape products after Massachusetts imposed similar rules. The Board of Health voted 7-1 to impose a 120 emergency ban which took effect October 10th. The impact on vape cartridge makers in the State of Washington could be huge, as some of the top selling companies are currently using flavorings that will now be outlawed. This ban is ..
When supplying your online headshop, or brick and mortar headshop, you can save tons on costs of goods sold by turning to a trusted headshop supply online wholesaler. Here at Aux Ark Trading we have been supplying head shops since 2003. We keep our supply chain small so that we can offer the discounts we get to our customers. Working directly with manufacturers allows us to create custom pieces that will fly off of your stores shelves. Whether it is custom glass bongs, wholesale quartz bangers, or any other type of smoking pipes and accessories, we only ..
Why Buying Wholesale Quartz Bangers Can Benefit Your Smoke Shop
Selling wholesale quartz bangers in your smoke shop or dispensary can help to increase your bottom line. With the influx of dabbing as being one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, quartz bangers have risen to the top of most used dab essentials. Quartz bangers offer an upgrade to most standard pyrex glass parts that come with today's dab rigs. The go to ..
Due to popular demand we have recently expanded our line of custom bongs and rigs that we offer in our wholesale head shop. This custom artist series contains creatures that you may know from our world, or creates that exist in other worlds.  One of our best sellers is this custom goat bong that is made from sculpted pyrex glass, and comes with a hand made joint.  It comes standard with a 14mm male bowl, but can also be purchased with a quartz banger. This will make for  a show piece for most aficionados without breaking the b..
High Time Cannabis Cup Oklahoma City 2019
With medical marijuana coming up on it's 1 year anniversary in Oklahoma, the High times Cannabis cup seemed to be the perfect way to celebrate the new found freedoms Oklahoman's have come to enjoy with the passing of state question 788. In 1 year almost 200,000 patients have applied for medical marijuana cards, and as well as thousands of business licenses. With one of the most pervasive medical marijuana systems ever in the United States, it seems that Oklahoman's have much to celebrate. ..
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