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Cannabis For Creativity & Productivity

   Although marijuana users have been stereotypically labeled lazy, unmotivated, and lacking any kind of productivity, the diversity of products in the legal cannabis industry have unveiled a plethora of unexpected benefits. While indica strains can certainly deliver a “stoned” effect creating relaxation, sedation, and pain relief, some sativa and sativa-hybrid strains can do just the opposite increasing alertness, creativity, and even boosting productivity.

What’s in a strain name?

   Just as you might walk into a winery and buy a bottle of Arrogant Frog Merlot or a Fat Bastard Chardonnay, strain names aren’t really much more than that in the world of cannabis. Blue Dream, Green Crack, and Super Lemon Haze are but a few popular strain names in the industry. Although you will find budtenders and users alike that will swear by a certain strain… technically it’s not the strain they are in love with… it is the cannabinoid profile – or the combination of cannabinoids within that particular plant.

   The different effects created by cannabis are attributed to several key factors including cannabinoid content, terpene content, and the user’s individual body chemistry. However, cannabinoid and terpene content can also vary from plant to plant, so although a strain name may give you a general idea of effects, the potency of particular cannabinoids can vary greatly depending on how the plant was grown. The nutrients given during cultivation, environmental factors, and even how the plant was cured after harvest can alter the cannabinoid content in each plant.

   Generally speaking, the following strains have been associated with increased focus, creativity, and energy.

  • Green Crack – ranging between 13-21% in THC, this is a moderately potent sativa descending from Skunk #1 lineage. Super energetic and focused makes Green Crack a popular choice for daytime users.

  • Super Lemon Haze – grabbing the creativity boost from Lemon Skunk and the energy of Super Silver Haze, this sativa hybrid packs a potent cerebral punch that will really kick the creative energy in gear. (As a writer, SLH will cure writer’s block every time!)

  • Trainwreck – a tri-cross between Mexican and Thai sativas with a touch of Afghani indica, Trainwreck provides incredible focus and motivation. If you’re looking for the energy to clean out your garage… this might be the perfect strain.

  • Durban Poison – a landrace strain when properly cultivated, this strain is a pure sativa. The uniqueness of this strain comes from the cannabinoid, THCV, found in high concentrations in Durban Poison. This cannabinoid has been shown to act as an appetite suppressant, increase energy, and reduce panic attacks.

  • Jack Herer – also a tri-cross including Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5 – this strain is known to be upbeat, clearheaded, and highly creative.

   One word of caution – all of these strains are potent sativa strains. For those dealing with anxiety symptoms, these strains can exacerbate feelings of paranoia if you are so inclined. Keeping doses minimal will help avoid negative side effects.

The Common Threads

   Morale and mood clearly play a role in boosting productivity and creativity. Based on average findings from cannabinoid content tests performed by Steep Hill Laboratories, all of the aforementioned strains average a moderately high THC content (between 15%-25%) with a very low CBD content. In fact, the second highest cannabinoid concentration in each of these strains is CBG – a cannabinoid known for its mood-elevating effects.

   Other commonalities found in the terpene content include:

  • a high amount of myrcene - shown to help enhance the effects of THC

  • moderate to high amounts of limonene – which elevates mood and combats stress

  • significant amounts of caryophyllene – found to be an effective anti-depressant

Other Energizing Cannabis Products

   Some cannabis companies have already started to move away from calling their products by the strain name, and have resorted to naming their products based on the effect the consumer wants. In fact, Marijuana Business Daily reports studies have shown strain names actually mean very little. Despite not being associated with a particular strain, the following products utilize cannabinoid extracts from sativa-based plants.

  • Stratos Energy Tablets – being on the go, at the office, or anywhere else that requires discretion when medicating with cannabis-based products. Stratos has implemented pharmaceutical processes to condense cannabinoids into a convenient, and discreet, pill form. Their energy formula provides a quick boost of energy within about 30 minutes.

  • Root of It All – Go – an ingenious new product to hit the shelves in dispensaries. Besides utilizing cannabis extracts, Root of It All also uses edible essential oils in their tinctures for a proprietary blend of Ayurvedic benefits. The “Go” formula is designed for energy with cardamom, ginger, and rosemary essential oils, as well as, a sativa-blend of cannabis extracts.

  • The Growing Kitchen – Sublime Spearmint Chill Pills – a small, hard candy lozenge just takes a couple of minutes to dissolve in your mouth, for this quick onset energy boosting candy. 10mg of sativa extract in a burst of refreshing spearmint provide an uplifting effect.

   The impact of morale on employee productivity has been studied for decades. There’s no doubt a happy worker is a productive worker. This appears to ring true through cannabis strains, as the most productivity and creativity enhancing strains clearly have a significant impact on mood. Could certain cannabis strains be the future of helping create happy, healthy worker? Could cannabinoid extracts be the future of performance enhancing supplements? Only time will tell as legalization and science continue to work towards truly understanding the benefits of cannabis.

Posted by Bob Smith