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Learn How To Take A Dab Of Concentrates - Video
Dabbing is huge in Denver. With locals it appears to be the dominate form of ingesting cannabis products. For those that don't live in a place like Denver, the lack of knowledge toward dabbing may hinder them even trying out this form of cannabis. These short videos will go over how to dab your basic styles of concentrates, and will allow you to feel more comfortable proceeding with your new hobby.  ..
How To Clean A Glass Pipe - DIY Video Tutorials
One of the number one questions we get when it comes to glass pipes is, "how do you clean a glass pipe once it's dirty?" There are numerous products on the market that you can buy, but what if you want to just use what you have on hand?The following video tutorials will run you through the process of cleaning glass pipes with many different methods. No matter if you have money to spend on pipe cleaning products, these tutorials will show you numerous ways to clean y..
How To Make Rosin - A DIY Tutorial
With the rise of popularity, concentrates have become the go to product for many consumers. Rosin is a solventless way to manufacture concentrates from either trim or buds. Organic soil growers tend to gravitate toward this method of extraction due to it's lack of petro-chemicals used in the manufacturing process. It provides an easy clean way to make concentrates that can be done by just about anyone. Check out this DIY how to video on how to make your own concentrates using a Nug Smasher Rosin press.  ..
When supplying your online headshop, or brick and mortar headshop, you can save tons on costs of goods sold by turning to a trusted headshop supply online wholesaler. Here at Aux Ark Trading we have been supplying head shops since 2003. We keep our supply chain small so that we can offer the discounts we get to our customers. Working directly with manufacturers allows us to create custom pieces that will fly off of your stores shelves. Whether it is custom glass bongs, wholesale quartz bangers, or any other type of smoking pipes and accessories, we only ..
Why Buying Wholesale Quartz Bangers Can Benefit Your Smoke Shop
Selling wholesale quartz bangers in your smoke shop or dispensary can help to increase your bottom line. With the influx of dabbing as being one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, quartz bangers have risen to the top of most used dab essentials. Quartz bangers offer an upgrade to most standard pyrex glass parts that come with today's dab rigs. The go to ..
Borosilicate Glass & It's Benefits In Glass Pipes
For most cannabis smokers, their pipes and bongs are not only an important piece of equipment, they are cherished like artwork in some cases. Smokers value their pipes, some even become collectors spending thousands on individual pieces. Pipes and bongs come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. Smoking devices can be made from any number of materials including glass, plastic, ceramic, metals, and even wood, with each material having certain benefits and detriments. Walk into any glass shop or head shop and the selection can be overwhelming. Design..
Dabtionary: Dabbing Terminology and Dictionary
Dabtionary 710: Most know the correlation between smoking weed and 4:20; the history is infamous. However, few know that 710 is to concentrate smokers what 420 is to flower smokers. Why 710? Flip it upside down and it reads “OIL”. Adapter: a small glass piece that you place on dab rigs so you can connect different sized accessories on the same rig. BHO: Butane Hash Oil, this concentrate is made by blasting cannabis with butane and then purging out the butane. The oil left behind is a cannabis concentrate that can be shatter, wax, or other variou..
Dabbing 101 : Concentrates, Oil Rigs, and How To Dab
Dabbing 101   Although the term “dabbing” is relatively new to the cannabis arena, the practice itself has been around for a decade or more. Dabbing refers a method of vaporizing concentrated cannabis oils and extracts. Dabbing concentrates is gaining popularity with medical and recreational consumers in the legal market due to their potency, efficiency, and purity. Dabbing provides larger doses of THC, and other cannabinoids, with a quick onset that can provide almost instant symptom relief for the consumer.   Instead of combusting dry flower and ..
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