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Custom Glass Oil Rigs and Bongs In Stock Now

Due to popular demand we have recently expanded our line of custom bongs and rigs that we offer in our wholesale head shop.

This custom artist series contains creatures that you may know from our world, or creates that exist in other worlds. 

One of our best sellers is this custom goat bong that is made from sculpted pyrex glass, and comes with a hand made joint. 

It comes standard with a 14mm male bowl, but can also be purchased with a quartz banger. This will make for 

a show piece for most aficionados without breaking the bank.


Elephants are one of the most popular animal hand pipes sold in today's head shops & smoke shops. Get that animal lover

to spend a little more by buying this elephant bong from our custom glass series. This elephant bong has the elephant

sitting down with is trunk in the air so that you can take giant rips from his snout. For not a lot more money you can upgrade

you customer form the simple elephant hand pipe they bought to this much more complex custom elephant bong

Keeping with the safari theme this giraffe custom water pipe will take you to the plains of the Serengeti.  the upper body

 of the water pipe is full on giraffe, while the lower portion is adorned with a flower implosion marble, and custom sculpted

glass leaves. This wholesale water pipe also comes with a hand made joint, and is fit standard with a 14mm male bowl. 

with a simple quartz banger upgrade this water pipe will turn into a dab rig that will satisfy the most heady of dabbers. 

Go on over to our selection of wholesale water pipes and check out our full line of custom artist series water pipes,

and find that high end heady look for your shop while sticking to a budget. 

Posted by Bob Smith