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How To Clean A Glass Pipe - DIY Video Tutorials

How To Clean A Glass Pipe - DIY Video Tutorials

One of the number one questions we get when it comes to glass pipes is, "how do you clean a glass pipe once it's dirty?" 

There are numerous products on the market that you can buy, but what if you want to just use what you have on hand?

The following video tutorials will run you through the process of cleaning glass pipes with many different methods. No matter 

if you have money to spend on pipe cleaning products, these tutorials will show you numerous ways to clean your pipes

with common household items. When cleaning your glass pieces always play it safe, and don't ever use any products that

could be harmful to you or anyone else. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your pipes with clean fresh water after they have 

been cleaned, and stay away from harmful chemicals. Getting the pipe dirty was fun, so why make cleaning the pipe such a pain? 

With a little help form these pipe cleaning video tutorials you can be back to smoking out of a clean pipe in no time. 

Posted by Bob Smith