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Save Money By Purchasing From A Headshop Supply Online Company

When supplying your online headshop, or brick and mortar headshop, you can save tons on costs of goods sold by turning to a trusted headshop supply online wholesaler. Here at Aux Ark Trading we have been supplying head shops since 2003. We keep our supply chain small so that we can offer the discounts we get to our customers.

Working directly with manufacturers allows us to create custom pieces that will fly off of your stores shelves. Whether it is custom glass bongs, wholesale quartz bangers, or any other type of smoking pipes and accessories, we only sell and stock head shop supply products that your customers will love to buy.

One of the advantages of our headshop supply website is that we are centrally located, which cuts shipping times and cost down pretty much anywhere in the lower 48 states. This helps you make last minute orders get to your smoke shop or dispensary in a time frame that still works for your busy business.

Having a diverse selection in your headhsop is the key to gaining a big customer base. That's why our online wholesale headshop carries a wide variety of different unique smoking products that range from silicone pipes to dab tools. No matter what your customers are looking for you know you can find one of a kind bongs and dab rigs at Aux Ark Trading.

We stand behind every product we sell, and fully guarantee all shipments will reach you intact and not broken, or we will cover the cost of any broken product you receive. This allows you to focus on your business, and your bottom line. Which will translate to more profits for your headshop.

With all of the choices available online for wholesale pipes, and bongs knowing that there is a trusted supplier with almost 2 decades of history in the business is a comforting fact for any new or established shops when ordering wholesale smoking products online. Rest assured that what you see is what you get with Aux Ark Trading, and there will never be any bait and switch like so many other fly by night companies.  

Posted by Bob Smith