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Why Buying Wholesale Quartz Bangers Can Benefit Your Smoke Shop

Selling wholesale quartz bangers in your smoke shop or dispensary can help to increase your bottom line. With the influx of dabbing as being one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, quartz bangers have risen to the top of most used dab essentials.

Quartz bangers offer an upgrade to most standard pyrex glass parts that come with today's dab rigs. The go to nail and dome that has been standard issue with most oil rigs does function well enough to take dabs, but to step up your concentrate game to the next level you need to upgrade to wholesale quartz bangers.

Quartz bangers offer a smoother cleaner dab while retaining heat longer than pyrex glass parts. Quartz bangers come in many different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. The standard banger is 2mm thick. This will be a cheaper price point for your customers, but the thin walls won;t retain heat as long as a thicker quartz banger will. 4mm thick quartz bangers have become the standard size in the head shop industry. They retain heat much longer than a 2mm banger, and can handle more frequent use as well as light drops.

Dab rigs come with many different size options on their nails. The standard millimeter sizes they come in are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. The larger the dab rigs typically the larger diameter the nail adapter. 14Mm joints tend to be the most popular size.

Joints also come in either female or male. With a female joint you will need a male banger, and with a male joint you will need a female banger. Carrying an assortment of banger in all different sizes and joint combinations will help your customers get what they want, while helping you up your average ticket price.

Aside from the basic wholesale quartz bangers models, some bangers have been designed to function even better. Thermal quartz bangers are double walled and allow for extremely smooth dabs. Extra thick bangers will let you heat up the banger and then retain heat for several minutes so that you can time the precise temperature you want to take your dab at. Newer on the market are terp slurper bangers. They are designed for maximum flavor when using sauce and diamonds.

Something to look out for when shopping for bulk quartz bangers is that some companies are selling glass bangers as quartz bangers. With a quick glance it is hard to tell sometimes that a banger you bought is glass, but once you use it you will tell really fast that the banger you bought is an impostor. If you heat up a glass banger to hot it will crack. Also glass bangers won't retain heat like the pyrex bangers will.

Aux Ark Trading wholesale headshop carries a full line of the most popular bangers on today's market for you to carry in your smoke shop, or recreational store. Rest assured that we only supply true quartz products that we test in house to make sure the functionality and quality are up to par with todays dabbing needs.

Posted by Bob Smith