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Colorado Cannabis Social Clubs : An Insiders Guide
At a time when most of the legal cannabis industry is bracing for impact under the current administration, Denver officials and the State of Colorado are pushing the envelope forward with the implementation of Initiative 300 for social cannabis consumption. Denver voters passed the initiative in November last year, which will make Denver the first city in the United States to offer the “Amsterdam-esque” options for cannabis consumers. The state quickly backed up the initiative by introducing Bill 17-184, which passed the Senate on March 9th of this year. As such, Colora..
Dabbing 101 : Concentrates, Oil Rigs, and How To Dab
Dabbing 101   Although the term “dabbing” is relatively new to the cannabis arena, the practice itself has been around for a decade or more. Dabbing refers a method of vaporizing concentrated cannabis oils and extracts. Dabbing concentrates is gaining popularity with medical and recreational consumers in the legal market due to their potency, efficiency, and purity. Dabbing provides larger doses of THC, and other cannabinoids, with a quick onset that can provide almost instant symptom relief for the consumer.   Instead of combusting dry flower and ..
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