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Dispensary Supply

Dispensary supply products are a fast growing sector of the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana business genre. As legal cannabis expands across the US so do the regulations that come along with the “privilege” of selling marijuana products. Most states tend to use a seed to sale tracking software mind set, where everything is tracked from seed to the final purchase of the finished goods. With this type of system marijuana packaging is a major focus of the State regulators. States like to see child proof packaging in the form of pop top containers, pre-roll tubes, mylar bags, and jars with child resistant lids.

Wholesale and Bulk dispensary supplies are only 1 part of the dispensary supply chain. Even though the bulk of your profits will be from finished marijuana products, adding to your bottom line via selling smoking supplies is a great way to offset the high costs of running a legal cannabis business. The profit margins, and low tax rates of selling glass pipes, bongs, dab rigs, etc.. makes it an attractive add on sale to most any dispensary.

For recreational dispensaries selling cheap glass pipes, chillums, and dab rigs can help to boost your long term profits. Tourist tend to want to get everything at the same time, and since they don't know the area it makes it more convenient for them to be able to purchase everything at your dispensary. Imagine having to track down a pipe in a place that you've never been, just to use it for 2 days, and then throw it away before you get on a plane. By providing budget smoking products at your store you can make your customers lives much easier, all while increasing your average ticket price.

Cannabis packaging and weed containers are an important part of complying with regulations in regards to dispensary supply goods, but ultimately this is a business, and adding to your bottom line is the number one thing you as a business owner wants to do. By adding the correct wholesale smoking products you can both comply, and increase your profits.