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Smoke Shop Supply

Aux Ark Trading is your # 1 source for smoke shop supply products. As cannabis legalization as spread across the US, so has the proliferation of smoke shops. Smoke shops focus more on the medical and recreational marijuana users. They sell products that can be used to smoke cannabis, as well as products that can aid in this use. Accessories and add-ons in your shop can take your sales even higher than just focusing on just pipes and bongs.

We at Aux Ark Trading cater to smoke shop supply Companies by providing a vast product range of products that your customer base will most certainly enjoy. For almost 2 decades our focus has been on glass pipes and bongs. Glass pipes tend to be the biggest seller in the smoke shop industry. They come in many different price points, sizes, shapes, and colors. They are easy to use, and typically inexpensive. Their size lends them to be easy to travel with, and also easy to stash in your house for prying eyes.

Buying wholesale bongs for your smoke shop is a great way to increase sales to the customers that are more serious about smoking. Unlike a glass hand pipe, a bong or water pipe is filled with water and allows you to take much larger hits. The water filters the smoke, and make it a smoother smoking experience, which is why you are able to take much larger hits than in a typical hand pipe. Only a few hits from a bong can equal 10 hits form a hand pipe. This saves your customers time, and flower.

For the customer visiting your smoke shop that don't want to spend so much on a water pipe, or to have such a large smoking device in their house, these customers can opt for a water bubbler. These are a hybrid style of a glass pipe mixed with the water filtration of a bong. They are usually smaller, but offer the same smooth hits as a bong does.

Concentrates have gained popularity in States where cannabis has become legal. It allows a user to take only one or two hits and get the effects of smoking an entire pre-roll. It saves time, lungs, and money. That being said, your customers need a smoking device to dab out of, and that's where our wholesale dab rigs come into play. Our wholesale dab rigs will allow your customers to enjoy taking dabs of concentrates with or without water filtration. Standard dab rigs will use water for a smoother dab, while nectar collectors, and dab straws use no water. The latter is a cheaper alternative that is great for dabbing on the go, like at events or parties.

Newer in the smoke shop supply online are silicone pipes. Silicone pipes have been gaining a lot of traction in the marijuana supply industry. They won't break, and they tend to be reasonably priced. A lot of silicone pipes now come with glass bowls so that you don't have to smoke out of metal or silicone. They lean toward a great choice for camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Since they won;t break they save you money, and they won't leave broken glass behind.

Most smoke shop owners know that the accessories can bring in just as much as the bongs and pipes. That's why we carry a full line of rolling papers, herb grinders, bong parts, dab rigs, quartz nails, and pretty much everything else you need to smoke with.

For those customers that come into your smoke shop that like to roll their own, our line of herb grinders papers, and rolling trays are the perfect answer. They can use any of our many styles and colors of herb grinders to grind their marijuana down to the perfect consistency. This is done easiest on a rolling tray that we sell, and come in many different sizes and options. Then they can either stuff a cone, or roll up a fat joint. We offer a multitude of different papers and wraps for your smoke shop to choose from.

The best thing about selling glass bongs in your smoke shop is that a lot of the time the parts will break.

For this reason we carry a full line of water pipe replacement parts. Bowls for water pipes and bongs tend to get dropped the most. There are so many options now when it comes to sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, of bowls, its important that your head shop carries a full line of these replacement parts. The down stem that the slides fit into also tend to break a lot. The parts come in different lengths and diameters. The standard size for these is 18mm, 14mm, and 10mm. Having a solid assortment of down stems is a good idea to make sure your customers can always find what they need.

Selling dab rigs in some areas of the Country is big business. Most standard dab rigs come with a glass nail and dome. Your store stands to gain a lot of sales if you sell upgraded parts for these oil rigs. The most popular choice is quartz. Quartz bangers have become standard in the industry. They come in 18mm, 14mm, and 10mm,. The can come in either male or female, and different thicknesses as well. There are standard bangers, and then there are more elaborate designs like thermal bangers, and terp slurpers. For an easy increase in sales in your retail store we suggest carrying a good selection of different banger options.

Lesser in popularity is ceramic, and and titanium nails, and dabbers. There are still some die hard fans of these types of products, but they have fallen to the way side of quartz. That being said, having a smaller selection of these to alternative is always a good idea for most any store.

No matter the products your smoke shop supplies, Aux Ark Trading makes for the perfect partner in an ever changing landscape of smoke shop supply Companies. That's why for almost 2 decades head shops and smokes shops have chosen to stock their store shelves with one of the most trusted names in the industry, Aux Ark Trading.