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Wholesale Grinders

Wholesale herb grinders come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Despite the physical differences in their designs, the task they perform is all pretty much the same. These grinders are used to take full buds and break them down into an easily smokable, and rollable product. This finished product can be used in joints, cones, glass pipes, rolling papers, bongs, vaporizers, and pretty much anything else you would want to smoke out of.

When choosing a wholesale weed grinder you want to consider how much marijuana you are wanting to grind up at one time. If you are using a handheld flower vaporizer then you can get away with a card style grinder, or a small 4 piece aluminum grinder that is 1.25” in diameter.

For use with glass pipes, bongs, etc.. using a grinder that is 1.5” to 2.5” would be your best choice. This larger size makes it so that you don;t have to pack the grinder as many times. This size range of grinders is the most popular range in the US head shop and dispensary supply category.

When you get above the 2.5” size into 3” and 4” grinders these tend to be considered a party grinders. They are named this for obvious reason as this size is good for when multiple people are smoking out of multiple pipes, bongs, and cones. This size grinder is not just for parties, but they can be great fro heavy users that don't want to have to grind up cannabis more than necessary.

What type of wholesale grinder is best, wood, metal, or plastic?

The debate over which material is best for use when purchasing a grinders is a multi faceted questions. Is your customer buying fro durability, price point, ease of use, etc..? Typically a customer will have a set amount he/she wants to spend on their new grinder purchase. After you figure out their budget, you can help your customer decide if they are purchasing for ease of use, portability, durability, etc..

More often than not their budget will lead them to the best material for their situation. Plastic grinders are very inexpensive, easy to use, and portable. Due to their low price they are a good choice for someone that likes to travel, camp, hike, or go to concerts and shows. If it gets lost, or breaks its not a large sum of money that was lost.

Wooden grinders are also cheaper like plastic grinders, but they offer a natural look that can be more durable and long lasting than a plastic grinder. These wood grinders are usually hand carved, or made in small batches by lighter duty machinery. They will have metal pins or teeth typically to grind up the plant material. They work very well, but may not be the best choice for heavy users as the pins tend to pull out over time.

Wholesale metal grinders are the backbone of the dispensary supply industry. They can be made from aluminum, steel, zinc, etc.. The industry standard is aluminum. CNC Machines will start with blocks of aluminum and then slowly mill away the unwanted aluminum until the desired shape and design is made. Aluminum grinders can last for decades, and the price point has come down in recent years due to advancements in manufacturing. They are a solid choice for any die hard smoker that wants a grinder that can last a lifetime.

Why are grinders sold described as 2 piece, 3 piece, or 4 piece?

When selling wholesale grinders in your marijuana dispensary, or smoke shop you will have customers ask about why grinders come in different amounts of pieces? The standard 2 piece grinder has been a around since the beginning. It is literally 2 different pieces that are brought together with metal or plastic teeth between them and once brought together they are able to grind your cannabis. When you go from 2 piece to 3 pieces, the 3rd piece will add storage, or even a kiefing option. Most often a 3 piece grinder will add storage for your finished product. Having a place to store your finely ground herbs is handy when on the go.

When you jump up to a 4 piece grinder, this size of grinder will most often have a kiefing screen, and storage. You will grind with the first two piece, the ground material will fall into the 3rd piece where a screen in mounted to it, and the fourth piece will catch the kief that falls through the screen, and store it for later use.

With so many different variations of wholesale herb grinders on the market today, it can be overwhelming on which to stock for your store. The broader your product range, the more you will sell. It's always better to have more options as your customers won;t think they are picking form the leftovers that no one wanted. Bulk up on wholesale grinders at your favorite online headshop Aux Ark Trading. 

1.25" Diameter Aluminum Construction 4 Pieces Pollen Screen..

1.25"4pc Aluminum Herb Grinder

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1.65" 4 Piece Aluminum Wholesa..

1.65" Diameter Anodized Color Aluminum Construction 4 Pieces Pollen Screen Colors May Vary..

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2" Diameter Aluminum Construction 4 Pieces Pollen Screen..

2"  4 Piece Aluminum Wholesale..

2" Diameter Wooden Construction 2 Pieces Metal Pin Teeth..

2" 2 Piece Light Wood Wholesal..

2" Diameter Plastic Construction 2 Pieces Magnet Connection..

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2" Diameter Anodized Color Aluminum Construction 4 Pieces Pollen Screen Colors May Vary..

2" 4 Piece Color Aluminum Grin..

2" Diameter Hand Carved Om Deisgn Wooden Construction 2 Pieces Metal Pin Teeth..

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2.25" Diameter Wooden Construction 2 Pieces Metal Pin Teeth..

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2.25" Diameter Plastic Construction 3 Pieces Magnet Connection..

2.25" 3 Piece Plastic Wholesal..

2.25" Diameter Aluminum Construction 4 Pieces Pollen Screen..

2.25" 4 Piece Aluminum Wholesa..

2.25" Diameter Plastic Construction 5 Pieces Magnet Connection Pollen Screen..

2.25" 5 Piece Plastic Wholesal..

2.5" Diameter Aluminum Construction 4 Pieces Pollen Screen..

2.5" 4 Piece Aluminum Herb Gri..

2.5" Diameter Anodized Color Aluminum Construction 4 Pieces Pollen Screen Colors May Vary..

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