Wholesale CBD Oil - Tinctures - Gummies

Aux Ark Trading sells Wholesale CBD oil & other CBD products to all 50 States in the US. For customers outside the United States we do ship internationally to most Countries. Our Company only sells CBD products that are made in Colorado. All of the CBD oil or Isolate used in the manufacturing of our wholesale CBD tinctures, edibles, gummies, etc.. is made from hemp that is grown in Colorado.

What CBD products do you sell?

The most requested CBD product we sell are wholesale CBD tinctures. This is what most of your customers will refer to as CBD oil. Our tinctures are made out of Coconut oil and CBD isolate infused together to create a tincture. Unlike other oils that are made from CBD distillate the isolate based tinctures do not need to have a flavoring added to them. Our tinctures have an inert taste when taken. This makes for a much more pleasurable experience for your customers when using these CBD tinctures. We carry CBD tinctures in 1000mg, 3000mg, and even 5000mg. These varying strengths make it more convenient for heavier users as they don't have to ingest as much oil for the effects they desire.

Wholesale CBD gummies & CBD edibles rank #2 on the mot requested CBD products we sell. Our CBD gummies are made in small batches, by hand, right here in Colorado. They are vegan, gluten free, and non-gmo. These are not costco gummies sprayed with oil. The isolate mixture is literally infused into the gummies during the manufacturing process. This ensures a consistent amount of CBD per edible.

Wholesale CBD topicals like salves & lotions make up a large part of the CBD business. Aux Ark Trading carries salves in varying sizes, and strengths, as well as a few different lotion options. Our most popular Wholesale CBD lotion is our ice lotion. It is like an icey hot style product, and works well to rub on joints, and achy spots of the body. Tinctures pair well with topicals as the tinctures can help with internal inflammation while the CBD topical will aid in helping the surface issues.

Wholesale CBD vape pens are a convenient way to take your daily dose of CBD. We carry complete disposable vaporizers that are good for roughly 350 puffs. No charging is required, and you use it until the pen runs out. Aux Ark Trading also carries vaporizer cartridges that can be paired with vape batteries like o.pen or other similar batteries on the market with 510 threads. These cartridges range from 100mg, 300mg, 500mg, and all the way up to 1000mg. Wholesale CBD vaporizers can come with o flavoring, or they can be mixed with terpenes to give a specific flavor, or effect. The terpenes and essential oils mixed into our disposable pens give specific effects like male enhancement, female enhancement, hangover help, pain relief, focus, sleep, and many more.

For people that have a hard time keeping CBD products down we offer wholesale CBD suppositories. Not all products are best for all people. Tinctures, pills, and gummies won't work if you can't keep them in your stomach and digest them. For this reason we offer CBD suppositories. They bypass the digestive tract to ensure that you absorb the CBD contained within.

CBD gel caps are easy to use, and very convenient to travel with. You can take them with your other medications, or supplements, and they don't have any taste. Wholesale CBD gel caps cost more than just tincture, but they are a more convenient form for some customers.

Dabs are extremely popular in today's modern culture. This has also been the trend in the CBD world. Aux Ark offers CBD dabs that are blended with terpenes to mimic popular strains like OG kush and clemetine. Our dabs are made of CBD isolate, and then specifically blended with terpenes. Some customers will wonder why wholesale CBD dabs are necessary, and the reasons vary. If your customers needed the highest amount of milligrams in the fastest amount of time, CBD dabs can't be beat. They aren't just for your typical dabbing customers. CBD dabs can be useful for many people.

CBD for pets has become a huge market. That's why we carry wholesale CBD dog treats, tinctures, and other products specifically designed to be used for all types of pets. Due to the way animals digest and absorb CBD tinctures it can sometimes be more beneficial to use a treat that is infused with CBD to aid in the absorption process.

Currently all of the wholesale CBD products we sell are THC free. Due to differing laws we will not sell or ship products with THC in them. All of our CBD products are made with CBD isolate which ensures no THC content in the final product. Unfortunately when using “full spectrum” CBD products your customers can flunk a drug test, and lose their job, go back to prison, or even lose their CDL. For these reason we will not sell any wholesale full spectrum CBD products.

All of the CBD isolate that is used to make our products is made form organically grown hemp, and it is all grown in the State of Colorado. We will not sell any products that use CBD isolate from anywhere other than Colorado. Unfortunately a lot of CBD brands in the US use CBD distillate and isolate that is imported from outside the US. These products may contain heavy metals, pesticide residue, or have issues with mold or pathogens.

The State of Colorado is currently the only state that will knowingly license CBD manufacturing facilities. Every product we sell, is made in a sate certified laboratory, and regulated by the Colorado Health Department. If you buy CBD from anywhere else in the US these same rules do not apply. Strict manufacturing guidelines must be followed to get licensed, and stay licensed.

Being located in the City of Denver has it's many benefits, :) One of them is that our awesome City actually wants to ensure that the public is safe when using CBD. All CBD products sold in Denver are under regulations to make sure that your customers are safe to use them. We currently are the only City in The US with rules regarding wholesale and retail CBD products.

For these reasons you should feel safe when purchasing CBD from Aux Ark Trading.

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