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Wholesale Dugouts

Wholesale Dugouts are one of the original portable devices to allow you to smoke only what you need when you need it. In the 1970's and 1980's they were an easy way to transport your smoke with you in a convenient hid able wooden box. Wholesale Dugouts get their name from the way they are manufactured. The artist digs out a hole in the wood that you will then store your dry herbs in. Another hole is created to store the metal bat that resembles a cigarette. Wholesale One hitters will usually have a lid that twists or slides, and the metal bat will have a spring mounted under it to make it pop out when the lid is removed.

What are the benefits of using one?

Portability is the biggest selling point for wood hitter boxes. These were designed with a slim shape so they could easily slide into the front or back pocket of jeans. Almost like how the shape of a flask was to fit into a boot, a dugout's main purpose was concealment and this shape helps achieve that goal. Obviously Dugouts can be carried in any pocket, purse, bag, or pretty much anywhere that you can slide a 1/2” thick piece of wood.

Hitter boxes have long been touted as a stop smoking device. Instead of smoking a full cigarette you can take a few puffs out of your one hitter. The idea is to take just enough to get over your craving, but without smoking a bunch of cigarettes. People have varying degrees of success with this method, but it offers a good starting point for people looking to quite cigarettes.

One of the best advantages of using a wholesale dugout is the ability to conserve your herbs. Since the cigarette bat that comes in a hitter box only holds so much smoking material, you will end up cutting down on how much you smoke. Instead of smoking an 1 gram joint at one time you can smoke a few bowls out of your bat and be good. This will cut down on your usage, and ultimately save you money.

What options are available?

The first thing to choose is the size. Most boxes come in 2 standard sizes, large and small. Large dugouts average about 4” tall, whereas small dugouts average about 3” tall. There are a few things to consider when choosing what size you want. A large box will have a larger chamber to hold your smoking material, it will also have a larger cigarette bat. There are obvious advantages to being able to carry more herbs with you, but the bat size may not be so obvious. When used standard bats tend to get hot. A longer bat will allow your to use it more as the heat will dissipate before it gets to the end. This way your lips won't burn when smoking multiple bowls one right after the other. Small boxes have smaller chambers, and smaller bats. This smaller sized bat will get hot much quicker, but if you are only taking one or two hits then it is of no concern. The biggest advantage to a smaller sized box is its ability to be concealed and transported. They are so small you can put them in just about any pocket, and no one will have any idea you have it.

The shape of a dugout can be important for the comfortably of use. Depending on where you want to transport and how you want to transport the shape of your box can be very important. Traditional one hitters come in a flat rectangle shape. They are good for for transporting in jackets, pants, purses etc... Some newer dugout designs are curved like old time flasks. The curved design can easily fit into a boot or sock. Making on the down low transport even easier. Round dugouts are not as much about transport, but ease of use. The round shape makes it easy to grip and hold, this may be an advantage to you if you are smoking bowl after bowl.

The material used in manufacture has progressed over the past few years. Traditionally only wood was used, but today there are many options. Yes wood still dominates the dugout market, but other materials are gaining popularity. Stainless steel wholesale dugouts is a newer high end option. It will last forever, and looks sleek and futuristic, however sometimes the weight can be an issue. On the lower end of things are resin dugouts and plastics dugouts They offer an economical alternative to wood and metals with a huge advantage of bright colors. With acrylic and plastics you can have vivid imagery, colors, and designs. The imagination of the artist is the only limitation to the two types of dugouts.


For the longest time the bat that came inside your one hitter box was metal. More specifically they were made out of aluminum. Aluminum was used for durability, and for dissipation of heat. Aluminum won;t retain heat as much as other metals like stainless steel. 10 years or so ago options like ceramic, titanium, and quartz were available. These offer varying advantages however the biggest reason people choose these options is they are considered are inert. They impart no flavor, or odor on your smoke, and the fears of off gassing are minimized. Digger bats are also a newer option. This type of one hitter has teeth built into it that act as a mini grinder. When putting the bat into the storage compartment you will twist back and forth. This action will grind up your cannabis and pack an even compact bowl.

When most people think of hitter boxes they envision a twist top lid. This style dominate the market for decades. Now lid styles have been updated to allow multiple choices. The sliding lid simply slides over and exposes your storage compartment and your cig bat. Flip top lids are hinged and flip open like a pack of cigarettes. Some lids are now completely removable while others are only partially removable.


The popularity of glass pipes has changed the landscape of the pipe market, but the use of bulk dugouts is still wide spread. Unlike a glass pipe, you will not drop your duguot and break it. For this reason and many more AuxArk Trading will continue to sell a vast array of wholesale one hitter box options.

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