Wholesale Glass Pipes

Here at auxarktrading.com we carry a large selection of wholesale glass pipes. We have been wholesaling glass pipes since 2003. Since starting in this industry, we have seen many different "styles" of wholesale glass pipes come and go. Whether they were inside out, surface worked, frit, lattachino, dichro, fumed glass, outside glass, double blown glass, implosion, or honeycomb glass pipes we have always stayed at the forefront of the glass pipe industry. Being that Aux Ark Trading is a leader in the wholesale glass pipe industry, we work directly with manufacturers. By having a direct relationship with glass pipe manufacturers, we can get "styles" that no other US Company carries. Many of the designs we carry are exclusive to us. From lower end frit glass pipes, to higher end fully worked implosion with honeycomb inside out glass pipes, we carry many styles that will satisfy even the most discerning of wholesale glass pipes customers. If for some reason our stock glass pipes wholesale will not satisfy your customer base, we can have custom styles manufactured to your specifications. With over a DECADE in the industry, direct connections with manufacturers, and the man power to fulfill even the largest of orders, it is no wonder why thousands of smoke shops, head shops, medical marijuana dispensaries, and recreational marijuana dispensaries trust Aux Ark Trading with their wholesale glass pipes needs.


3" Long 1.50" Diameter Head 0.60" Diameter Bowl Fumed Glass Lattacino Design Inside Out Gl..

3" Fumed & lattacino Whole..

3.5" Long 1.65" Diameter Head 0.65" Diameter Bowl Frit Glass Carburator Color Changing C..

3.5" Frit Wholesale Glass Pipe

3.5" Long 1.40" Diameter Head Each Bowl 0.75" Diameter Fumed Spiral Pattern Color Spiral C..

3.5" Fumed Spiral Wholesale Gl..

3.5" Long 1.5" Diameter Head 0.60" Diameter Bowl Cane & Lattacino Glass Wor..

3.5" Rasta Color Changing With..

3.5" Long 0.75" Diameter Head 0.50" Diameter Bowl Square Shape Dichro Strip Lattacino Work..

3.5" Square Dichro and Lattaci..

4" Long 1" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Cobalt Flat Head Colored Frit Design Carburat..

4" Cobalt Flat Head Color Frit..

4" Long 1" Diameter Head 0.80" Diameter Bowl Color Glass Tube Sherlo..

4" Color Tube Wholesale Sherlo..

4" Long 2" Diameter Head 0.60" Diameter Bowl Frit Glass Work Elephant S..

4" Frit Elephant Wholesale Gla..

4" Long 1.750" Diameter Head .75" Diameter Bowl Frit Coloring Carburator Color Changing ..

4" Frit Mushroom Wholesale Gla..

4" Long 1.75" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Silver Fumed Flower ..

4" Fume With Flower Implosion ..

4" Long 1.60" Diameter Head .75" Diameter Bowl Silver Fumed Raised Glass Wrap Lattacino De..

4" Fume With Glass Wrap Wholes..

4" Long 1.75" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Colored Frit Glass T..

4" Twisted Frit Wholesale Glas..

4.5" Long 1.65" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl 2 Tone Frit Colored Glass ..

4.5" 2 Tone Frit Wholesale Gla..

4.5" Long 1.60" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Fumed Glass Cane W..

4.5" Color Changing Cane and L..

4.5" Long 1.65" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Frit and Cane Glass Finish Carburator Co..

4.5" Frit and Cane Multicolor ..

4.5" Long 1.75" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Fumed Swirled Glass Square Mouth Piece C..

4.5" fumed Swirl Square Mouth ..