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Wholesale Glass Pipes

Aux Ark Trading had been supplying wholesale glass pipes to headshops, medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational dispensaries, and smoke shops since 2003. For the recreational marijuana market we carry lower end cheap glass pipes that are good for tourists, and casual smokers. In medical marijuana markets it seems as though your customers will want to purchase a more substantial piece that they can get years of use out of. Head shops and smoke shops in all markets of the United States will need to carry wholesale glass pipes from low end throw away pieces, to high end fully worked American Made Glass Pipes.

We purchase all of our wholesale pipes directly from the manufacturer. We have been working with the same suppliers for years to provide our customers high quality glass pipes at reasonable prices. This ensures that you are able to make the margins your smoke shop or headshop needs to be successful in today's market. It is important to us that all of our suppliers pay their workers a real living wage, and that the jobs offered to these glass blowers are coveted in their communities. We only partner with manufacturers that are a benefit to the people of their communities.

Since recreational marijuana has exploded in the United States, and soon to be Canada, the demand for  cheap glass pipes has risen. It seems the recreational market is dominated by tourism. This type of customer doesn't want to spend a lot on a pipe that they may only be using for a couple f days. Aux Ark Trading has introduced multiple styles of wholesale pipes that will sell extremely well to this genre of your customer base. We offer fish bowl style displays that can be set next to your cash register for easy point of purchase sales of glass hand pipes.

In States with medical marijuana the trend has been for dispensaries to offer some cheaper pipes like recreation shops, but to focus more on mid range and higher end pipes. Medical marijuana patients tend to be steady customers that have a monthly budget for these types of purchases. Since they will be using cannabis regularly they are more apt to spend more on a glass pipe than a recreational user. This is why we see our medical dispensary customers do well with pipes that are different than the standard models seen else where. Custom style pipes that are hand carved, or more intricate animal glass pipes do very well in this type of retail setting.

In states with more restrictive cannabis laws head shops and smoke shops dominate the local pipe market. In these shops all styles, sizes, and prices of glass pipes tend to sell well. In head shops we feel it's a good idea to sell American Made Glass Pipes along side our glass pipes. The pipes we sell are not meant to compete with American Glass Blowers. They are to fill a need for quality glass pipes at reasonable prices. Over the years we have seen that the head shops and smoke shops that sell the entire range of glass pipes will have overall higher sales than the shops that only sell American glass by itself, or import glass by itself. The average customer has $20 to spend that they don't think about the purchase. When spending more than that they will put more thought into the purchase, and take time to make an informed decision. These customers are the ones that will come look at your higher priced glass and save for that special piece. There are fewer of these customers than the ones that will spend $20. That being said, the $20 customers may turn into a $100 or more customer. That is why it is good to have a full range of glass in your store. Maybe your customer starts with a cheap wholesale glass pipe, but then after a few months decides they are ready to invest in a higher end piece. Without the contrast of both American Made Glass Pipes and Import Glass Pipes these customers will never have the ability to upgrade in your store. You will eventually lose this customer to one of your competitors that does offer what they desire.

Over the years we have worked with customers to produce custom glass pipes that fit their specific requirements. Our network of glass blowers from the United States, to India, and China, have the ability to manufacture just about any style, shape, size, or design of custom glass pipes. Whether it be dry hand pipes with heavy hand carved glass work, or more simple hand pipes with your company logo sandblasted on it, we have glass blowers that can bring your ideas to life.

We offer many different styles of glass pipes. Some of these standard styles are considered production, or prodo work, but some will be more custom for those customers that want something that stands out.

Fuming is one of the most basic techniques a glass artist will do to a pipe. Fuming is done with either silver, or gold. Fuming is what makes a glass pipe change colors when being used. Bob Snodgrass is the inventor of this technique, and it was actually all done by accident.

Cane work, and lattacino work are usually accompanied by fume work. Cane work is when you use a solid piece of color glass rod to draw a design on the inside of the tube before the pipe is closed up and formed into it's final shape. Lattacino is when an artist combines multiple different colors of cane to form a twisted spiral cane that can take on many different colors. They apply the lattacino the same way to the inside of the pipe as the cane, but the effect is strikingly different.

Newer in the prodo glass market is hand carved glass work. A glass artist will actually use tools to form molten glass into different shapes. It is resemblant of how a ceramic artist molds clay. Hand carved glass can be 3d and take on the shape of any charter, person, or thing. Turning popular culture characters into 3d glass designs has been what the glass market been focused on in the past couple of years. Things like Donald Trump pipes, animals pipes, cartoon pipes, etc have made popular glass artists even more popular than before.

Whether you are opening a new retail store, or expanding your current inventory of wholesale pipes, Aux Ark Trading has the selection and price to aid you in ensuring your pipe business will be successful now, and into the future.

5" Long 1.5" Wide 0.75" Diameter Bowl Carrot Design Hand Carved Glas..

Frit Carrot Hand Pipe

4" Long 2.25" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Frit Lace Honeycomb Design ..

Frit Lace Honeycomb With Arm Glass ..

4" Long 1.50" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Rectangle Flat Body Shape ..

Frit Rasta Flat Body Wholesale Pipe

4.5" Long 0.75" Diameter Bowl Cone Head Design Frit Coloring Will Vary Ins..

Frit, Fumed Cone Head Glass Pipe

3.75" Long 1.75" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Fumed Glass Cane Design Inside Out Glas..

Gold Fumed and Cane Glass Pipe

4.5" Long 1.90" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Spiral Cane Design ..

Gold Fumed Full Body spiral Pattern..

4" Long 1.10" Diameter Head 0.65" Diameter Bowl Gold Fumed Glass Lat..

Gold Fumed Steamroller

4" Long 1.75" Diameter Head Lattacino Design Silver Fumed Color Chan..

Lattacino Color Changing Dichro Gla..

4.25" Long 1.50" Diameter Head 0.60" Diameter Bowl Fumed Glass Lattacino Design Inside Out..

Latty Frit Rectangle Mouth Glass Pi..

4.25" Long 0.75" Diameter Bowl Gold and Silver Fume Design Color Changing ..

Phatty Fumed Glass Pipe

4.25" Long 2" Diameter Head 1" Tapered Bowl Glass Marbles Pink Tube ..

Pink Glass Poke A Dot Marbles Pipe

5" Long 4" Tall 1" Diameter Bowl Little Shop of Horrors Sherlock Glass Pipe ..

Seymour Sherlock Holmes Glass Pipe

5" Long Marbles 0.85" Diameter Bowl Silver Fume and Marble Design Insid..

Silver Fume, Color Changing Super M..

5" Long 0.75" Diameter Bowl Swirl Color Design Swirl Coloring Will Vary In..

Skinny Swirl Color Pipe

5" Long 2.25" Diameter Head 0.75" Diameter Bowl Spider Design Frit C..

Spider Design Frit Glass Pipe

3" Long 1" Diameter Head 0.60" Diameter Bowl Square Shape Gold Fumed..

Square Steamroller Style Gold Fumed..