Wholesale Water Pipe Accessories

Replacement parts for your bongs and water pipes are a necessity for your smoke shop or headshop. Finding the right replacement parts for the right wholesale price can have you searching all over the internet with out any results. Here at Aux Ark Trading we carry an assortment of glass replacement parts for wholesale bongs and water pipes. If your dispensary sells glass bongs then you need to have replacement parts, and upgrade parts available for when your customers inevitably break something.

Replacement bowls tend to be one of the most purchased replacement parts in the smoke show industry. The mere action of removing the bowl every time you smoke means there is an opportunity to drop and break the bowl. Couple this with being stoned and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Replacement bowls come in two options, standard fittings and glass on glass fittings. The standard fitting is the style you have seen for decades. It usually has a an 0-ring to seal it up against the down stem. This type of glass slide comes in multiple different sizes. The typical size is a 9mm martini style slide. This is the type of bowl you would see on soft glass water pipes, and more basic pyrex glass bongs. A size up from this is a 12mm slide. These are heftier, and this size bowl will be able to hold more smoking material than the smaller 9mm bowls. Larger than this are 15mm bowls and up, but these sizes don't tend to be very popular.

When choosing Glass on Glass replacement bowls there are some considerations to make. The joint size will be the biggest things to consider when buying bowls for your store. The two main sizes will be 14mm and 18mm. The measurement on these bowls tells the joint size diameter. 14mm seems to be popular on standard bongs and will fit many different pieces. 18mm which actually measures 18.8mm is typically used on larger bongs. The larger diameter allows use with heavier attachments like ash catchers, and drop downs. A lesser used joint size is 10mm. This size is not very popular on bongs, but has caught on with dab rigs. Having a good mix of 14mm and 18mm replacement bowls in your inventory will satisfy most of your customer base.

The second most replaced part on bongs are down stems. The downstem is what goes down into the water in your bong. It is the glass tube that connects the bowl to the water pipe. These comes in standard and glass on glass just like the bowls do. The standard downstems come in 12mm which fits the 9mm bowls. This downstem will seal to the water pipe with a grommet. The grommet is a rubber gasket that makes an air tight seal between the water pipe and the downstem. 12mm bowls will typically fit into a 15mm down stem and will need the proper grommet to seal it to the water pipe.

Glass on glass down stems seal to the water pipe through a sandblasted joint. The sandblasted part of the joint is rough and it lines up with the sandblasted joint on the water pipe. Gong down stems come in varying sizes that can also be used to convert a bong into a different size joint all together. Standard sizes will be a 14mm male joint going into the bong with a 14mm female joint that the bowl slides into. The same can be done with an 18mm downstem. The joint in the bong will be an 18mm male fitting and then an 18mm female joint for the bowl to slide into. If you want to convert your water pipe into a different size bowl than came with it then you can use a converting downstem. These come in multiple options like a 14mm male to an 18mm female. This will convert a smaller joint to a larger bowl. The reverse can be done so that you can use a smaller bowl on a larger joint.

Ashcatchers can be used as an add on sale to most any bong. An ash catcher is a small percolating chamber that fits onto a bong to help filter out the particle when smoking. This helps keep your bong clean as the ash catcher catches most of the debris. Ash catchers come in different configurations. A standard cheaper model will have a bowl built into it so you will not need the bowl that came with your bong. It may have a simple built in downstem with slits for better percolation. Upgraded ash catchers will have a glass on glass joint that fits into the bong as well as another one that you fit a bowl into. This type of ash catcher can have extreme percolation. Multiple tree percs, disc percolators, shower head percs, and inline percs are a few that these can come with.

Drop downs are getting harder to find the days. This is an attachment that is used to change the height of where your bowl lays in relationship to the bong. This can be a good accessory for someone that wants to add an ashcatcher to a bong where the fitting is to close to allow the ash catcher to fit onto the bong. Drop downs come in tons of different sizes. The 4 basic sizes will be 14mm male, 14m female, 18mm male, 18mm female. Any combination of these can be used to allow you to drop down and also add/change what you have attached to your bong. These drop downs are typically made of pyrex glass and will withstand standard heat generated form smoking on a bong.

Glass converters are used to convert the size of your downstem so you can change your bowl to an alternate size. Let's say you buy a bong with a 14mm female downstem, but have an 18mm male bowl. You can buy a converter the is 14mm male by 18mm female which will now for only a few dollars allow you to use the bowl you desire. These come in the same sizes as drop downs except they are just short stubby pieces of glass that fuse together the joints. They tend to only be a few inches long, and and cost only a few dollars to your customers.

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10mm Female GONG Flower Bowl

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14mm Male x 18mm Female Drop Down

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14x14mm GONG Downstem

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18mm Clear Glass Ash Catcher

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18mm Female GONG Flower Bowl

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18mm Inside Out Glass on Glass Bowl

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18mm Male x 14mm Female Drop Down

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18mm Martini Glass on Glass Bowl

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18mm x 14mm GONG Downstem

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